Thatti Mess, Mayiladudhurai:


A place that I heard from a friend of mine who used to work around here some 2-3 years ago and I’ve been wanting to go since then. As soon as I entered the premise I saw a man frying fish on a wood fired tawa. It turns out that he was the owner. He doubled up for serving the food and came across as a strict person when it comes to food. He gave clear instructions to finish things in your banana leaf.There was no menu, but we were asked what gravy we need along with the rice. We just went with the flow and copied what other tables were ordering. A Poriyal (snake gourd on the day I went), Thuvayal (Mint) and Pickle were served first. I ordered the Mutton Gravy which I would say with conviction was the best that I’ve had in recent times. I totally preferred this to the Fish Gravy that was served later. I know I’m going to crave for that Mutton Gravy for a long time now. The soft mutton piece was portion wise very satisfactory and the gravy tasted awesome. Slightly spicy but didn’t burn my tongue and that’s exactly why I liked it the most.Fish fry was being served like water to every table. And, you’ll know why when you have the first bite from that soft, perfectly masalafied Fish Fry. There was Rasam and More (Buttermilk) but I could never go that far in eating. The owner made sure we tried the Pudina Thuvayal. It was super spicy like it was a Pacha Milagai (Green Chillies) Thuvayal. It would have been perfect with More Sadham. Don’t know individual prices. Totally paid ₹700.Thatti Mess3JXR+3VC, Hajiyar Nagar, Koranad, Pattamangalam, Tamil Nadu 609003098429 29631

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