New Moorthy Cafe, Chidambaram


It was at an odd time that we reached Chidambaram. It wasn’t a time when Breakfast was being served nor had the Lunch service started in the other restaurants. We went around hunting for food at new places that I’d bookmarked to try. But, none were ready to serve, yet. So, knocked the doors of our usual pit stop, and they immediately obliged. They accommodated us immediately after finishing their Pooja rituals. All the more reason for my Moorthy Cafe love to grow more.We were starving and the waiter suggested we start the meal right away with their Parottas (₹13/pc) till the Double Parotta (₹30) find it’s way to the table. Settled for my usuals Kadai Chicken (₹175) and Chicken 88 (₹190). As usual, spot on flavours and taste. Hunger adds it’s own extra flavour, too.One of the few places that prints bill in Tamil. Certainly irresistible!


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