Chez Pushpa, Pondicherry


I would always love to dine-in at someone’s home and experience their home cooked food. So, the concept of Chez Pushpa is something that fascinated me since the time a friend shared @digantachakraborty’s story about Chez Pushpa. Been trying to visit them for almost a year. I was not going to leave an opportunity to taste Pondy cuisine directly from someone’s kitchen at any cost.Anita, who represents her mother Pushpa’s home kitchen was patient enough to reply to me every time I messaged. I didn’t interfere with menu deciding except that I told them that I don’t prefer Pork. I wanted to get surprised and that’s exactly what happened. I was pleasantly surprised. The couple at Chez Pushpa, Mr. Noel and Mrs. Pushpa took good care and made sure we were comfortable.The meal started with a Nannari Juice and some self introductions. Then we were presented with a Banana leaf meal whose first component was a pinch of salt, true to the tradition. The other components were served immediately after. Everything was spot on in flavour and taste.Mutton Sambar, was excellent and my most favorite thing amongst all that was served. This was nothing like a Dalcha. And, that’s exactly why I loved it more. The Snakegourd in the Snakegourd with Prawns Poriyal had that crunch that a properly cooked Pudalangai (Snakegourd) should have as I personally don’t prefer it mushy. Verkadalai (Groundnuts) in anything is a weakness so how can I not end up liking the Bottlegourd and Groundnut Poriyal. If all the salads in the world are going to taste like Chez Pushpa’s Creole Salad consider me converted into a salad person. I’m not a Vazhaithandu (Banana Stem) person at all, but the Banana Stem with Curd Pachadi has made me become fond of it. The usual Rasam, Curd and Pickle also appeared on the table. The finale was Coconut Milk Payasam which vanished from my bowl within seconds.A Meal per person costs ₹1500. Pre-booking is a must. For details, DM them on Instagram or WhatsApp on 9952401471.


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