Bismillah Hotel, Kalpakkam:


Came to know about this place through a very close friend during lockdown and since then, everytime I cross ECR I’ve been trying to go to this place. But, either they were closed or I wasn’t able to go when they were open due to clash of timing when I cross Kalpakkam in ECR. It’s a simple eatery with food cooked by a family from their kitchen and served to customers. As of now, when I write this, they are open for Breakfast only. They’ve not resumed Lunch and Dinner after this lockdown, yet. They are open by 7 AM in the morning. It’s recommended that you call ahead and book your Mutton Chops which is their fast seller. We reached around 7 AM one fine morning and the Chops was still cooking. Meanwhile, we ended up eating at least 8 Masal Vadais (₹5) which were crispy on the outside and so so so soft on the inside. Masal Vadai experience was very satisfying. Their Mutton Chops (₹120/plate) is the hero for sure. So, the other supporting characters were Idlies (₹5), Dosai (₹15), Mutta (Egg) Dosai (₹30) which comes with their complimentary Kozhuppu (Fat) Salna. Vegetarians have option of Sambar and Chutney. Our table ordered eggs 3 ways in the form of – Omelette (₹15), Half boil (₹15) and Kalakki (₹20). All 3 were executed excellently. Finished off the meal with a glass of refreshing Ginger Tea from the Tea Stall attached to their eatery. Decent ambience and the food is served with smile which is the true character of people who are hospitable by nature.Contact Number: 9952208392 / 9597994026Location: 12°29’53.3″N 80°08’36.9″E


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