The Wedding Biryani, Velachery:


Sundays always brings along with it the Biryani emotion and looking back on my recent GOOD biryani experience, the Wedding Biryani crossed my mind.Been trying to try this Biryani since the someone from the brand contacted me for “Collab”. But, I think I turned out to be a not so important (priority) influencer/blogger and the Collab never happened. Nevertheless, I’m a person who doesn’t bring in Ego (only) when it comes to food. I was determined to try them and I’m glad I did.A Pandhi style serving makes this a very interesting experience as if you are dining at a wedding. What’s more enticing is their unlimited Biryani concept. I’m sure people with good Biryani appetite would appreciate this offer. The Biryani combo comes with Mutton/Chicken Biryani of your choice and Chicken Leg fry, Brinjal Chops, Raita, Bread Halwa, Pan Beeda and Kulfi. All this is priced at ₹380 for the Mutton Biryani and ₹280 for the Chicken counterpart.Tastewise, the Biryani was very good. The meat pieces were generous and of good quality. Absolutely, no qualms. Same, goes with the Chicken version, too. I didn’t have to go for the next serving of Kuska but my companions went for it. From the second serving onwards, there’s no meat pieces in the Biryani which I think is only fair given the costing.Had ordered their Mutton Sukka (₹320) and Chicken Roast (₹280). No issues with the taste but I think for that price their own Biryani combo is a great deal.


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