Kari Bonda Kadai, Pondicherry:


The Beef Bonda from this place is the talk of the town. And, I’ve been meaning to visit him and have crossed this shop multiple times whenever I’ve been to the Paati Kadai located diagonally opposite to this. But, somewhere in my heart I’ve always been more loyal to the Paati. It was @nefelibatan_’s post that helped me make up my mind and I landed up there one evening. The size of the Beef Bonda was intimidating but the first bite changed all my prejudice. Cripsy outer with a soft center plus his signature tangy sauce was really pleasing to the palate. There’s a chicken version of the same available. But, when beef is available why bother with chicken? . The (Paarai) Fish Bajji was excellent. All this with the live kitchen setup where you can see your food being prepared is always enticing, isn’t it?Price for the Beef Bonda was ₹70 and the Fish Bajji ₹80.Address details:Kari Bonda kadai569, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Chinnakadai, MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001095007 02007 https://g.co/kgs/7FNNJR


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