Irfan Restaurant, Villianur:


A clear cut case of how much I can be a victim of hype, too. Hype may not be the right word here, but yeah I couldn’t think of a better word, too. This particular stretch near Villianur Railway Station has a lot of eateries. Mainly Parotta stalls that also sells Biryanis. But, Irfan has been spoken about about so many people (read bloggers) that I’ve had already gone hunting a few times before and found them closed. So, this time around, I was in luck as they were open. It was that time during just after lockdown when Dine-ins had resumed. Their USP is Nei Parotta (₹15/pc) as it’s for sure tempting to see them being fried in oil. The sight of the kutti kutti layered plump barottas simmering in hot oil is a vision to behold. But, the simple flaky layered Parotta (₹10/pc) has my heart. I’m a person who prefers salna soaked soft parottas to crispy layered parottas. Their complimentary Salna had a very unique flavor profile and was addictive. The Kadai Pepper Fry (₹80) arrived in a plain plate which got immediately changed into a plate with banana leaf as soon as the waiter saw me clicking pictures. Huh!! So much for the social media hype. Never mind, the dish was brilliant. Naatu Kozhi Laapa (₹230) had a generous amount of filling and certainly was impressive in it’s taste. The person at the cash counter (whom I presume is the owner) was continuously announcing something in the microphone and I could hear the word “Eraa Fry” again and again. Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the Prawns Fry. It was promptly served in a quarter plate laden with banana leaf. Had to send it back because the Prawns were undercooked. Muttai Chutney (₹40) was good.

Irfan restaurantNo6, Villianur main road, Sulthanapatai, Villianur, Puducherry 605110094434 68114


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