Ammayi Veedu, Coimbatore:


Being in Kongu Naadu and not having a proper Non-Vegetarian breakfast isn’t really a thing to do. And, the search for such Non-Vegetarian place for early breakfast is what lead to me to finding Ammayi Veedu a few years back and since then, while in Coimbatore it’s always a must for me to have food here.

Idlies (₹18/pc) aren’t the soft types but it certainly went well with the traditional pairing of Kudal Kuzhambu (₹140). I have never met anyone for this geographical side of the map who hasn’t mentioned about Idli and Kudal Kuzhambu combination, yet. It’s an emotion to people from this region.

I prefer the Nenju Elumbu Kuzhambu (₹200) always. Which when paired with Idiyappams (₹45/pc) tasted, too good. Not a fan of their style of making of Aatu Kaal Paaya (₹180) so I maybe wrong if I pass a verdict on them. Mutton Kothu Kari (₹185) is a must try.

Total bill was around ₹958 including dosas which are not in picture.


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