Karaikudi Annalakshmi, Delivery/Takeaway Only:


Wiping out all the allegations that I don’t write about good Vegetarian places, I’m happy to introduce Karaikudi Annalakshmi Commercial Kitchen Ltd. They are a Vegetarian (mostly Chettinad style) delivery/takeaway kitchen based at West Mambalam.

It’s certainly not easy to impress a hard core Non-Vegetarian like me with Vegetarian food. I’m glad I responded to the email they sent me with their this week’s menu. The Saiva Meen Kuzhambu on the Tuesday menu was something I was totally looking forward to. Opted for all 3 meals by pre-booking a day prior. And, all 3 meals were really good.

Breakfast: Idlies and Kosumalli (₹60) – We are used to Gothsu at home so the sibling variant Kosumalli was a welcome change. I’m always very skeptical about Idlies when it comes to takeaways. But, surprisingly the Idlies from Karaikudi Annalakshmi were soft and stood the test of time and travel well.

Lunch: Meals (₹80) – Veg. Viral Meen Kuzhambu was what caught my eye initially and it tasted awesome.I appreciate flavours when they are subtle and not very overpowering. This was exactly that. The Thakkali Soya Bean Pachadi and Kovakkai Fry complimented the gravy very well. The Omam Rasam was exceptionally good and More was as it was supposed to be.

Dinner: Kozhukattai (₹60) – The steamed dumplings were apt for a dinner meal. The accompaniment Tomato Chutney matched the savoury Kozhukattais very well.

Overall, the experience was very satisfying. One can order through their App. The weekly menu is updated on their App on regular basis. They operate out of West Mambalam but are open to deliver to other areas if they get orders for 5 pax. Delivery charges range from 30 to 75 depending on the area. So, it sure makes sense to club more orders to spend on the delivery. Self pickup is also an option

.Contact number: 9442623056.


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