Gopaul Dairy, Parrys:


“Change is the only constant”, they say. So, it’s nice to note that businesses are changing to evolve themselves as times are changing”.

Gopaul Dairy’s Bun Butter Jam needs no introduction. There are so many self confessed fans for them including me. So, it’s absolutely a great thing to hear that they have started to deliver their signature BBJ’s. So, as soon as I knew this I called and booked my BBJs a day prior.

Cost per BBJ is the same ₹25 as before. Delivery charges may differ from area to area. It’s commendable that technology has improved in such a way that your favorites land up in your home by just moving a few fingers. You can even send a pickup and get those BBJs after placing the order in prior.

Contact number: Pramod – 9952954965. Please try to leave him a message on WhatsApp if he’s not able to attend your call.

P.S: Please be advised that the ones that are going to comment saying paying delivery charge of ₹100 for a BBJ is atrocious are the ones that go about propagating support small businesses in their own timelines and circles.


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