Zhouyu, Alwarpet:


Note: This write-up is based on an invited meal for the New Menu.

I’ve loved the food here every time I’ve gone, I’ll not lie about it. I’m a person who prefers a quiet meal with uninterrupted yet attentive service and of course the food needs to be good to keep up the good mood when I’m with my friends. And, Zhouyu has ticked all columns right for me, every time I’ve gone. Eventhough, I was thinking I’m yet to exhaust their present menu, Chef Chindi told me they are doing trials for New Menu. It would have been really crazy if I’d let go of such a golden opportunity.

Of course, food is the main thing but what I value more is the knowledge that Chef Chindi carries with her and how she makes sure her food speaks her mind. What should have been an ideal women’s day tribute to this place because of the all-women management team, got delayed because of my laziness and here it goes.

The start to the meal was a bomb, I mean a flavour bomb called Crispy Garlic Soy Chicken. Chicken with a crispy outer and soft center laced with Soy and sprinkled generously with Garlic and Chilli Flakes was spot on. The Vegetarian counter part Honey Chilli Mushrooms was slightly on the sweeter side and the feedback was given to the Chef to tweak it a bit which was taken well by her.

Crispy Chilli Garlic Fish, I’m sure is going to be a winner from this new menu. The usually disregarded part of the fish (the skin) is given the due respect it deserves and in this version you can find it crisply fried and the flavours from Chilli, Garlic, Vinegar helps lift the taste to a higher level. Crispy Chilli Mutton was a winner and I loved it to it’s crispy bits. My belly always has a place for Prawns Sesame Toast at Zhouyu it took a special place in my heart, too.

Buddha’s Feast is sure to impress both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food lovers just like how it impressed me with it’s textures and taste. Could taste the sea from the word Seafood right after my first mouthful from the XO Fried Rice (Prawns). Their in-house XO sauce brings about so much of flavour exchanges between the different kind of Seafood, Rice and it sure brings about a sea of difference in the flavor profile of the dish.

They’ve tweaked their Star dish Mutton, Baby Potato & Cumin and now it has become a Super Star dish. It tasted brilliant with the Jasmine Rice. Talking about Jasmine Rice, I get reminded how I enjoyed the Hong Kong Steamed Fish which features Preserved Plum as one of the important ingredient. The way you look at this dish (food in general) will never be the same when you understand the science behind it. It’s interesting to note that the new menu features Chicken liver too as part of the new addition.

The Chicken version of Pan Fried Noodles was well made. But, I’m looking forward to trying the Veg Chunks version of the same. It always interests me to try Mock Meat and get surprised how it gives the same satisfaction of having meat. Sichuan Prawns were just brilliant.

The New Menu goes live from 11.03.2021.


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