Simmakal Konar Kadai, Egmore, Chennai:


Chennai entices everyone, so obviously the management of Konar Kadai had to fall for the Charming Chennai. A legacy that’s been carried since 1943 and still going strong, with it’s fourth generation helming the show, Konar Kadai finally landed in Chennai. This place is beyond any review or criticism. They’ve proved themselves and have maintained their stance as people’s favorite. So, who can even critique them?

I don’t know moderation when it comes to trying a new place. It’s either on their initial days or it’ll be after months. My point being, initial days they’ll be extra careful to serve the best if not then they would have stabilized after few months. And, it’s only fair that any brand that has come from deep south certainly needs time to stabilize in their debutant market. IMHO, Konar Kadai needs time to stabilize, in this fresh market

From the founders of Kari Dosai, if you don’t order their star dish, then why even dine there. So, the order for Kari Dosai (₹249) was placed and the dish satiated my curiosity. To be blunt, I’ve never actually been impressed with the original shop in Madurai. So, the Kari Dosai was as per what I remember having in their Madurai Outlet. Thick base had not let the gravy seep into it, making it a bit hard. But the toppings of Mutton + Egg with crispy bits here and there made up to it. Why have only one Kari Dosai when you can have two. So, ordered their Vengaya Kari Dosai (₹199). Stark opposite to Kari Dosai we had ordered, this had more wet base more like Maavu overdose in a Dosai. But the toppings were good.

I would have preferred a thinner Parotta as against the thick Parottas (₹25) that Konar Kadai serves. The accompanying Salna was super spicy. Liked the Chichen Kothu Parotta (₹230). The Yelumbu Roast (₹189) which carries only bones (No meat) brought back sweet memories of my Madurai Sojourn. The dish is so rustic and it carried so much of Madurai in it. But, I’m not sure if the meat loving Chennai population will be happy biting into just bones. Moolai Roast (₹199) was perfect. Elaneer Payasam (₹150) was the perfect finale to the meal.

Service was prompt, attentive and the waiter made sure he explained before taking the order. That’s something many restaurants need to learn from this leading brand from Madurai.

Totally paid ₹1660.

Konar Kadai is located in Park Plaza, Egmore bang opposite to Albert Theater


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