Rebecca’s Kitchen, Nelson Manickam Road: (Takeaway/Delivery only)


This was a pre-lockdown experience which is relevant to lockdown days owing to food deliveries being allowed.

I’ve heard about Ammu Manoj (the face behind Rebecca’s Kitchen) even before she started her Instagram page. She’s super popular in her friend’s circle for the amazing kerala style dishes she makes. And, it was mandatory that I try her food when she started catering to public.

Kalappam with Beef Fry (₹350) came with 3 nos Kalappam and melt-in-mouth Beef Fry. Seldom can one describe Beef as melt-in-mouth, but this one for sure was such soft textured Pepper-y Beef. Absolutely stunning!! When I say stunning I shouldn’t forget to mention her Beef Cutlets (₹140/4 nos). As I’m the only Beef eater in the house ordered a Chicken Lasagne (₹350) for my mother which she devoured completely. To avoid feeling guilty of over indulging ordered the Potato Salad with Broccoli and Quail Egg (₹200) which I ended up indulging overly and washed the bowl clean

Moist and delicious was the description under her Sicilian Orange Cake (₹300) and it certainly lived up to the description given. Loved it.

On another day, got to taste Fish Pie (₹300), Prawn Kizhi (₹250) and Carrot Kheer(Complimentary). I’m sure by now you know what my verdict on my second order from her is going to be.

Contact number:9884898998. Delivery charges extra.

Instagram Page link:


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