Pulusu, Anna Nagar:


To be very honest pre-lockdown days I’ve found the food here to be little above average. It was like not good not bad but I’ll not crave for it types. But, off late my friends and acquaintances have been giving good reviews about this place and one late lunch kinda afternoon checked into this place. Absolutely loved everything, and that sums up the experience in simple words.

I settled for the Vegetarian Pulusu Special Meals (₹220) while a friend ordered the Non-Vegetarian Pulusu Special Meals (₹333) which comes with Non-Vegetarian sides and the works. I’m quiet content with Paruppu Podi, Pappu kinda meal when it comes to venturing into this particular cuisine. Their on-the-house Pappadams that they serve sure helps to finish off the meals in no time. Another friend ordered the East Godavari Kodia Pulao (₹238) which he was very appreciative about.

One may get tired of pronouncing the lengthy Chicken Guntur Pachi Mirchi Kodi (₹228) but to me the flavours from the Green Chillies in the dish was so refreshing and spot-on. Gongura anything is a weakness and here the Gongura Mamsam Dry (₹266) met my expectations.

Totally paid ₹1353 along with a water bottle.


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