Prasad Vegetarian Restaurant, Sowcarpet:


Note: This was a pre-night movement restrictions phase visit.

So, I’m pretty sure the locals (sowcarpettai-ans) will swear by this place for it’s Idli and Vada Curry. They sell it even at nights say after 11 PM. And, it’s mostly crowded throughout the day.

Hot hot and soft soft Idlies with Vada Curry was certainly a show stealer. Have to mention that their other items were equally good and all the accompaniments top-notch. Totally looking forward to visiting again.

In Picture:1. Idli (₹16/plate) & Vada Curry (₹50)2. Ghee Podi Idli set (₹45)3. Masala Oothapam (₹60)4. Masala Dosai (₹60)5. Special Dosai (₹48)

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