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It all started during a casual conversation with my Chechi (yes, lovingly I call her Chechi) who had sent me some goodies from Madarassi Adukkala and I was totally taken back by the authentic Malabari taste. It was that dear friend of mine who introduced me to Madrassi Adukkala and I’ve ordered twice from them already. Pre-booking is a must, and there is a minimum order quantity for the dishes and only self pickup. I can tell you, all that hassle is really worth and very useful on days when you have guests over at home.

Kozhi Nerachathu and their Biryani were highly recommended to me. But, their menu has so many dishes and they keep adding dishes that are so tempting. They also make ready-to-fry snacks which is very handy.

Chattipathiri (₹350) was the dish that I got impressed with them in the first place. So, that surely took a place in my personal order, too. Special Pathiri (₹30/pc) with their Beef Fry (₹450 for 1/2 kg) was very satisfying. Irani Pola (₹450) was a first timer for me and has found a regular place in my future orders for sure. Chemeen Ada (₹80/pc) with it’s stuffed prawns masala was excellent. Kozhi Nerachathu (₹800) was a very neat execution of stuffed chicken. It certainly isn’t easy to make this and requires a strong skill set. If you don’t have any Malabari friend who will invite you to their home or special occasions please go ahead and order from them.

Hareesa (₹250 for 300 gms) or Alsa (how they call it), the malabari cousin of Haleem was par excellence. The Mutton Biryani (₹300/box) was brimming with flavours and for a lover of short grained Biryani like me this one ticked all boxes right. The accompaniments of Dates Achar, Chammandi and Raita were spot-on. Clubbed the Ari Pathiri (₹18/pc) with their Chicken Kakkathil (₹400 for 1/2kg) and the combination was deeply satisfying. Erachi Pathil (₹30/pc) was the best.

I’ve tried their ready-to-fry Chicken Cutlets (₹23/pc) and Chicken Rolls (₹23/pc) and they were too good.

Overall, all I can say is that the Mother and Daughter duo that’s running the show at Madarassi Adukkala is totally killing it.

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