Karunaas Naan, Saligramam:


I remember how I was smitten by this place when I visited them first some 3+ years ago. 7+ gravies for an unlimited meal and sides that tasted amazing at very nominal prices was something that hit off immediately with me and my friends. It’s been a while since I visited and with lockdown and other things happening I was not able to go until recently. The eatery has been shifted from the second floor to a ground floor place in the same location. Decent ambience.

We went very late for a lunch time and almost all complimentary gravies that comes with the Meals (₹100) were in the fag end of the serving bucket. But, nevertheless it was a satisfactory meal. And, the server makes sure you get some (or more) pieces as part of your serving. The Chicken Side dish(₹100) was good. We had to send back the Prawn Thokku (₹140) as it was slightly undercooked. They worked around it and sent it back to the table which was fine.

This write-up wouldn’t have seen the light of the day if not for their Ayila Meen Fry (₹130) which was so damn good that I ate 2 pieces of it keeping aside the meals. I’m not kidding or exaggerating here. It was so addictive and tasty. Spent sometime near their Fish Frying station which is located outside their outlet and tried to decode the masala. The friendly staff were also super smart and did not let out their secret.

Cash only. And the meals that’s served in the outside standing area is priced at ₹50 and is limited. Overall paid around ₹800 and odd for the 4 of us.

Google link: https://g.co/kgs/wFth2G


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