K.G.N Aarifa, Pulianthope:


It’s really overwhelming to see the growth of K.G.N Aarifa from where they were to from where they are now. My first visit (Back in 2017-18) is still fresh in my mind. Back then, to unearth such gem of a places that cater to the night/early morning workers was really exciting to me. Now, it’s more commercial as the early morning Biryani scene (market) has people travelling for fun just to join the fad. Agreed, it’s a nice experience and all that. But, it’s a shame that the original purpose gets dissolved.

The location of K.G.N. Aarifa is a great advantage as it’s right next to the Aadu Totti and the workers from there as well as the area “pullingo” who throng the night are regulars here. My “pullingo” friends and acquaintances go here regularly. Between when last year’s lockdown was lifted till sometime last month I’ve attempted at least 5 times to visit them for an early morning sojourn but failed because of the crowd I saw thronging the place. I’m an adventurous person but not a risk taker.

At last, made a try when the crowd was reasonable, got my hands on their Biryanis and opted to eat in open air and not enter their sitting area. Their Beef Biryani (₹100) is my most favorite here. The steaming hot Biryani inside that Handi holding 70 kg Biryani disappears right in front of your eyes.

Their Biryani can be characterized as a typical Chennai style long grained spicy Biryani. Haven’t encountered any bones in their Beef Biryani (all my visits), so I think I can safely call it a Boneless Biryani. Irritants… Ya!! Here and there but manageable. Same goes for their Chicken Biryani (₹100), too.

They’ve started selling sides like Chicken 65 (₹80 if my memory serves right) and Tawa Beef (₹50). During another visit I tried their Beef Vadai. So, I guess, their constants keep changing. Well, no one ever complaints about extra options.. do they?


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