Hotel Bismi, Villianur:


Here’s to another Bismi associated with awesome Parottas!

Crossing Villianur and this shop caught my eye because of the pile of Nei Parottas being made and stocked. This shop was bang opposite to the Villianur Railway Station and probably 2-3 shops away from the Insta trending hotel at Villianur called “Irfan Hotel”.

The Nei Parottas (I think they are priced around ₹10, if my memory serves right) were crispy with a soft center and went well with the accompanying Salna. Would have preferred a spicier Salna, though. The Kaadai (Quail) Fry made up for the spiciness that I was craving for. I’m yet to acquire taste for the onion based Brain Fry so I leave it to your discretion.

Don’t remember the overall bill but I’m sure it didn’t cross ₹300 including water bottle and multiple orders of Nei Parottas.


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