Bleddy Burgers, Chinthamani: (Online Ordering Only)


Note: This was a pre-lockdown order experience. Sharing it now, as its relevant during lockdown too as food deliveries are allowed. Pre-booking a day prior is a must.

I’m a fussy burger eater. I don’t believe that burgers are just a piece of patty kept in between a bun. I’m of belief that Burgers should be distinguished by the way it’s presented to it’s eater. The buns should lend an helping hand for sure but the center filling needs to hold the whole attention of the eater more than the bun. So, when I stumbled upon Bleddy Burgers, I couldn’t just stay away from not ordering from them.

Abinav Madhavan has a knack of playing with ingredients to present his burgers in a way that it’ll linger in your mind for a long time. I liked how his Pulled Chicken Ghee Roast Burger (₹380) was full of character. Eating it was like solving a puzzle. The more I thought I was closer to the answer the more I was actually searching for the question. By the time, I could even realise the burger was over. In another occasion, I ordered his Caramaxx Beef Burger (₹360) which came with a manis sauce on the side with an advisory to be drizzled on top of the Beef Patty just before consuming. The Indonesian style burger ticked all the columns right for me.

Hands down, one of the best Chicken Wings that I’ve had. Olek and Spicy Chicken Wings(₹230) was super spicy which makes the area surrounding your lips burn… but only a food lover will know what that feeling means to him/her. I was skeptical about trying the Sambal Wings (₹260) because of the Belachan (shrimp paste) present in it. I can assure you, I ended up loving it.

Was lucky enough to try this Mango Salsa burger (Complimentary) which is seasonal. The pairing of Bhut Jhalokia and Mango Salsa was brilliant.

Contact Number: 9074133363.

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