Sellappa Hotel, Namakkal:


A place that I bookmarked only during the lockdown phase (after a DM chat with a very sweet person) and I really didn’t expect to conquer it so soon. I’m absolutely impressed with the place, and in fact I really think high of this place now. What’s special you ask me? Absolutely nothing extraordinary but the flavours that the food carried here were rustic and was wholesome.

They take a whole Pigeon/Quail and fry or roast depending on the order. No cutting corners in terms of preparation and that’s why you see head/brain/liver etc of the bird. And, that’s exactly why this place earned my respect and regarding the taste…. all I can say is PERFECT!!

My 2 Parottas came with 3 Gravies – Mutton/Quail/Pigeon and raw onions. There were more options available but I didn’t want to get overwhelmed. The touch consistency of the gravies was something that I prefer. Pigeon gravy stood out among the others. But, with the Fry orders I’ll always be confused as to which I liked more. The use of Pepper dominates the preparation. To be very honest Pepper and Curry Leaves were the only 2 prominent ingredients that I noticed.

In Picture: Parottas & Gravy, Pigeon Fry, Mutton Fry, Quail Fry. Paid around ₹500 but not sure of exact prices. It’s a mess type place and Ambience is in accordance to that.

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