Pandias, Washermanpet:


A heritage brand that has been expanding outside of it’s piss territory in recent times. To me, it’s one of the most sought after South Indian Non-Vegetarian breakfast place for it’s varied offering during the early hours of the day. But, this particular write-up is based on a lunch experience, though.

The unique greenish tinted short grained Biryani which is a Pandia’s USP was a winner, as always. The soft Mutton Pieces (almost more than 5 small sized pieces were there for sure) in the Mutton Biryani (₹248 for Half Plate) were perfect. When had along with their complimentary kurma, it’s a satisfying experience. One of the best Mutton Kola Urundai (₹210) I’ve had in recent times. What took the cake was the cake textured Brain Fry (₹210 for Half Plate). Chicken 65 (₹191) was perfect. Visiting Pandias and leaving without having their Mutton Korma (₹238 for Half Plate) is never a choice which was coupled perfectly with their Parottas (₹35/pc).

Arrived late and last among our order on that day was my choice of Crab Fry Meals (₹257) which was a total disaster. Should have just stuck to my normal orders and not entered into the experimental mode.Paid ₹2036 in total.


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