Mirchi Cuisine, Thoraipakkam:


I remember going to this place before an array of Hyderabadi style Biryani places had started on this side of the town. They have been going steady as far as I know and have their own loyal customer base. Their second outlet wasn’t operational when I went. So, settled at the original one itself. They started making rounds with their different types of spicy Biryanis. I have a crazy spicy fan (every friends gang has one like this) who insisted on trying the spicy variants and we ended up going one fine day.

The starting to the meal started with the starter Andhra Chilli Chicken (₹205) which was too good and became my instant favorite. Mirchi Hot Kebab (₹225) was too good. Fiery 65 Biryani (₹245) is the spicy variant and it’s strictly for those who can handle the spicy notes. Kozhi Varuval Biryani a cross between Hyderabad and Tamil, will surely win hearts of Biryani lovers. Purists like me will settle for Mutton Biryani (₹279) and enjoy it like I did.

Got a portion of complimentary Mayonnaise Chicken which I feel would be loved by all Mayo lovers and Lemon Iced Tea for me and my friends.


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