Doner Ville, Nungambakkam:


I visited their Velachery outlet a few days just before the lockdown during March 2020 and it was really a very satisfying experience. I have no clue why I skipped posting about it which is really bad on my part because this place sure needs a mention and the right reach. Cut to December 2020 and Doner Ville opened a new branch in Nungambakkam and along with a set of friends landed there one day.

Mutton Antalya (₹240) with it’s spicy notes was an Instant favorite among us friends. Istanbul Kebab (₹160) was so good that we ended up ordering the Istanbul Wrap (₹150). Doner in a Box (₹170) was the deconstructed version of the wrap. A sweet surprise was the Chicken Pilaf Rice (₹170) which was impressed all of us with it’s flavours and the chicken masala filled hidden center. Special Grilled Chicken (₹220) was not what we expected. The Chicken got over even as we were wondering if we liked the semi liquid state of the dish.

Total bill was ₹1560 including some drinks and Rumali Roti.


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