Bismi Hotel, Mannady:


Bismi is the most important landmark for Parottas and the likes of it for not just the locals but for the whole city, undoubtedly. The Parotta Masters stationed in a separate enclosed place opposite the hotel space working non stop with full energy is a vision to behold.

Even though there maybe other items in the menu, for dinner it’s always Parottas that gets ordered. Their signature accompaniment is the fish curry that comes complimentary with the Parottas along with other complimentary gravies. One gets excited to see bucket full of fish curry being served on the table. I’m not used to this combination but regulars here seem to enjoy it.

Loved the Special Mutton Gravy more than the Mutton Gravy. Brain Masala and the Chicken Gravy were good, too.

Paid around ₹1000 and odd for the 4 of us. Can’t remember the prices dish wise.



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