Arun Mess, Aliyar:


Dam Fish has it’s own fan base. While at Pollachi, I could find fresh fish being sold and the obvious source was from the Aliyar Dam nearby. A little bit of research on Google and the first name that came up was that of Arun Mess.

It is run by a team of women. Cooking, serving, billing and everything is taken care by them. They have only Vegetarian Meals or Fish Gravy meals and Fish Fry. Nothing else on the menu. The place can get jam packed during season. The day I went Cutla Fish was for Fry and the Gravy fish was Kola. No complaints on the food. Paid around ₹350 in total including 2 meals and 4 pieces of fish.

I would also like to share a little bit of experience while there. There was a group of men (by car) who had come for lunch. One of them, who was piss drunk was demanding chicken and some other items that was not available on the menu. In fact he was ordering them to buy meat and cook the dishes that he wanted. This was very annoying to watch and lead me to think what all these women who run this hotel must be going through. Just felt like sharing this here along with the food experience.


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