Zhouyu, Alwarpet:


I was completely flattered with the food from Zhoyu when I got to try Chef recommended dishes through a take out. I was convinced that this new place (they started operations just before lockdown days) is here to stay and a place that can become my regular haunt. But, I was not going to say that without having tried their food at their Restaurant.

Fell in love with the Lotus Root and Peanuts in Zian Chilli Sauce (₹325) as soon as I tasted it a month back. So, it was mandatory to devour it again when I got to visit them. Fiery looking Chongqing Chicken (₹350) had the softest and the juiciest Chicken pieces. A must try!

Was eagerly waiting to try the Steamed Fish (₹400) as it was recommended by Chef @chindi_varadarajulu as a dish to be tried at the restaurant and not good as takeaway. It was brilliant!! I’m glad I chose Claypot Chicken & Rice. It was prepared very well. @iamvidhyac had the Moo Shu Pork (₹450).

Liked the Chrysanthemum & Honey Drink (₹200) over the Iced Lime Tea (₹250).

Pomegranate Pavlova (₹225) was excellent. Lime Tart (₹120) must have been good too because my friend finished it in a jiffy.


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