Welcome Hotel, Purasaiwalkam:


One place that saves you from writing much about it because everything about it is just awesome. And, I’m sure many of you already skipped reading what I’ve written about it because you know there’s nothing bad to say about Welcome Hotel or no amount of explanation about their food can justify the taste.

I hate the Pandemic for many reasons and one more reason added would be that now we have to miss the Sambar pouring Ceremony that we all look forward to while, dining here as they’ve converted themselves to disposable cutlery. The Sambar Jug still exists though, but only for refilling. Even with this new model, they’ve left us with nil qualms when it comes to Quality and Taste.

The Idlies soaked in their Signature Sambar was heavenly. I don’t remember where I started and how I finished it. Ghee Roast was perfect. And, the accompaniments were the best, as always. No where else do I enjoy the Vadais, so much.

Pongal was devoured by a friend. And, a Parotta Paithiyam in the gang ordered a Parotta. Wouldn’t suggest the Parotta here, though. Filter Coffee was Top-notch.

This extremely satisfying experience costed ₹552 with multiple orders of the items for a gang of 4.


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