Top Dog, Online Order:


I have a strong weakness for Hot Dog or should I say for anything that’s easy to eat yet yummy. Assembling a Hot Dog for me is an art because not all permutations and combinations can satiate my taste buds. I’m a fussy Hot Dog eater and I like my sauces to blend well with the meat and the toppings. This new place Top Dog ticked all my terms and conditions and I loved it so much that ordered them two days in a row. And, have plans to order tonight, too.

I thought the Sriraja Dog(₹190) was ultimate till I tasted the Fiery Dog (₹230) and I’m still confused as to which one was better than the other. Smokey Dog (₹230) was excellent. Ordered the OG Dog (₹190) but couldn’t taste it as it was gulped down immediately by someone else.

They have pork version of all the hot dogs. But, I opted for Chicken version only.

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