Shoba Caters, Vettuvankeni: (Takeaway /Delivery only)


Weakness of a Tamilian for Keralaite food is immense. I’m not an exception. I too got tempted when Mr. Reejan Raphel from Shoba Caterers got in touch and shared his menu. I’d started drooling already. But, the challenges of travel (for delivery) had to be tested and I placed my order 2 days prior to when I wanted it to be delivered. I took advice from Mr. Reejan as to what’s best to order.

When he suggested Appam (₹15/pc) I was little skeptical but it turned out to be soft and moist even after the long travel. Mutton Stew (₹400/Quarter Kg) was the perfect companion with good chunks of Mutton pieces and loads of Coconut Flavor. Idiyappam (₹10/pc) was cute looking roundels with generous sprinkle of grated coconut. Chicken Roast (₹175/Quarter Kg) was very good.

This order was Beef Overload and that’s not a complaint at all. If the Malabar Beef Biryani (₹140) was excellent quantity and quality wise, the Beef Cutlets (₹35/pc) was stellar. Probably, one of the best Beef Cutlets I’ve ever had in life. Kerala Beef Fry (₹175/Quarter Kg) was Adipoli.

The Fish Cutlets (₹40/pc) were awesome in taste. The Pothichoru with Fish Fry (₹150) was extremely satisfying. For that price, when I saw 2 Fish Frys in the Pothi, I was truly ecstatic.

Prawn Pickle (₹300/250 gms) was yummy.

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