MudPot Curries, By Order and Delivery only:


Advantage of living in the Instagram boom era (I talk only about Food) is that you get to try things that you may not even get in a Restaurant. I love eating Crab but I’m too shy to ever have it at a public place. I’m a messy eater so I enjoy a good Crab preparation only at home. So, I was not going to let go off an opportunity to order and relish some Mudpot Crab preparation at the comfort of home.

Mudpot Curries, operate from Egmore and do only Saturday delivery. Pre-booking is a must and you can place your order anytime between Monday to Thursday. I placed my order earlier on during the week and I’d totally forgotten about it, until when I got a reminder on Saturday morning that my order is getting ready.

You have options to chose between Half Kilo, Jumbo or Monster Crab. The greedy me wanted the Monster but the wise me chose the Jumbo Half Portion Crab Pot (₹1499). The order was neatly packed and arrived in the Mudpot itself, as the name suggests.

The Curry was spot-on and the Crab was a Crab lovers dream come true. If this was Jumbo then I really can’t wait to try the Monster Crab. Totally satisfying and appetizing.

Instagram handle of Mudpot Curries:

Contact Number: 9884523464.

Menu added in pictures.


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