Kovai Biryani Hotel, R S Puram, Coimbatore:


So, every year I make sure I do something that’s outside my comfort zone during my food trips. So, this year too I knew I would do something to keep up my resolution. But, I wasn’t sure what.

During a casual conversation with a Chef friend and she happened to mention a few places I have to try in Coimbatore. She mentioned Brain Fry from Kovai Biryani as a must try. Eating spare parts has never been my forte. So, I decided why not this time around, I break my own rule and try it. Their Kovai Style Vella Biryani was also strongly recommended. Post-lockdown effect and there were hardly any customers during lunch hour.

The Mutton Biryani (₹190) is easily one of the most flavourful Kongu Style Biryani that I’ve had in recent times. Thinly sliced Garlic dominated the Small Grained Biryani and that’s what made it more desirable for me. The Mutton gravy accompaniment went perfectly well. The same can be attributed to their Chicken Biryani (₹170), too. Except that the Chicken pieces in Chicken Biryani were more softer in texture than the Mutton in Mutton Biryani.

Brain Fry (₹165) was melt-in-mouth, quiet literally. Have never come across chunks of brain in a brain dish before. But, this one with it’s Pepper-y note was just too good. Nalli Fry (₹200) was perfect where as Mutton Kola (₹30/pc) could have been slightly better.

Had a Davara glass of Tea (₹9.80) to wash down all of this.

Was billed for ₹834 along with a bottled water.


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