Cholan Mess, Ashok Nagar:


Trying to strike off bucket list from Post Lockdown, this was one place that was on my mind to try since a long time now. It certainly wasn’t a very impressive experience. But, given the situation I’m not sure if it’s yet the time to start criticizing restaurants/food. So, as always I’ll leave it to the readers to conclude.

Was eyeing the Kayir Katti Kola (₹220) after seeing their posts. The Kayir was missing as well the Kola wasn’t edible after losing it’s temperature. Boneless Mutton Biryani (₹230) tasted more like Kadaai Biryani and not Dum Biryani. The Mutton in the Biryani was lifeless. Mutton Chukka (₹220) was excellent and helped me sail through the lunch on that day.

Total bill was ₹893 along with a Prawns Meals that I didn’t taste.


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