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With Biryani places coming up in every second Social Media Page it’s become so tough to Zero in on good places. There’s minimum of 70+ Biryani places responding for Biryani queries on food group pages. The market is seeing a never seen before Biryani surplus leaving most of us with an emotion called “overwhelming”. Somewhere, Biryani has transformed from a “celebrated” dish to “staple”. To be honest, I can’t say I’m happy about this transformation. The yearning for Biryani has reduced to a large extent.

Coming back to what I was trying to convey, with so many places to choose from it’s become extremely difficult to keep favorites. When Mr. Fazlur Elias, the proprietor of Call 4 Biryani pinged me, I think it was 3 months back, I decided to try them. But, since they supply only on Sundays (Saturdays before) it was difficult to accommodate. As, I had no purpose to order in bulk.

The Mutton Biryani (₹300/Box) was excellent. It’s exactly what I would like in my long grained Biryani. It was mildly spiced, full of flavors, with negligible irritants. The meat was perfectly cooked. This is the kind of Biryani that I’ll crave for again and again. I’m glad that they’ve not tweaked it to Chennai palate by making it too spicy. The accompaniments were spot-on. Their Bread Halwa is not your normal just another Bread Halwa. I was told that they make it out of Rusk.

Paid around ₹900 through Gpay. They are based out of OMR. Attaching menu in pictures for reference.

Contact number: 7550054352 / 9940112760

Instagram Handle of Call 4 Biriyani:


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