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We all have crossed (most of us) that stage when we have thought that our mom’s cooking should be taken to the next level and the world deserves to know what a great cook our mums are. I had no clue that it’s a son who believes in his mom’s cooking who was the face behind the Instagram ID that was taking my order. I realized it only when he came down to personally hand over the parcel. And, my respect for the brand grew 10 folds.

I placed my order almost 2 months after our initial chat. They’d been extremely patient in answering my questions and tolerating my late replies. I was already half impressed and when I tasted the food, I got fully impressed.

My mom loves a good Butter Chicken and Butter Naan. The one sent from Ayesha’s Kitchen seems to have become her hot favorite. The Butter Chicken (₹120 for one portion) was excellent. The Butter Naan (30/pc) and Rumali Roti (35/pc) were of excellent quality. The Rumali was soft even though I consumed the food late. The Mutton Shaami (50/pc) was huge in size as well as high on taste.

Chicken Roasted BBQ (120/ for 4 pcs) was perfect. I was told their Mutton Biryani (300/pc) was a hot seller. It certainly was good. If you are going to look for the Kalyana Biryani types and order you’ll be disappointed. This is a typical homestyle Biryani. The accompaniments were equally good. I received a complimentary Beetroot Halwa, which was spot-on in taste.

Totally paid ₹1390 with a waiver on delivery charges.

Contact Number:9003213351

Instagram ID:https://instagram.com/ayesha.kitchen_?igshid=ras937ghwsx


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