Few finds are very close to your heart. One such find for me would be @andhra.deli. Would count this find as one of the best things to have happened to me in 2020.

What started as a random order to taste something out of someone else’s kitchen has become a regular fare, now. Andhra style food is something that I don’t get at home or no restaurant can match this home style food. This makes the food from Andhra Deli very desirable to me.

Their Biryanis are very simple yet flavourful. As I grow older, my inclination towards Meals has become stronger. And, the Bhojanam days from here satiates my cravings very well. The word “Extravagant” will suit their Bhojanam more than the word “Elaborate”. Too much to handle, but who will complain when the food is near divine.

In Picture:1. Diwali Bhojanam2. Soya Biryani3. Chicken Kheema Biryani4. Curd Vadai5. Paaya6. Crab Roast7. Gongura Mutton8. Bhojanam from one of the Saturdays.9. Neat Packaging.

They have a rotational menu that is posted on their Instagram handle regularly.


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