Abid’s Kitchenette, Delivery only:


Kitchen operating from Kodambakkam.

If you don’t count the (disastrous) food festivals that happen at times in some Star Hotels, I’ve never had a proper Kashmiri food experience in Chennai. Lucky to have savored the cuisine at Delhi, once. So, when the face behind the page Abid’s Kitchenette pinged me, I was elated. To be more appropriate, this is Kashmiri Home Style Food experience.

Yasmeen Azeem is the behind this Kashmiri food venture and her Daughter-in-law Sadia takes care of order and delivery. I’ve ordered twice and both the times, the delivery was prompt and the food great.

Their Mutton Biryani (₹1050/half a kg)with Kashmiri Touch that’s made in a Copper Handi and with generous amount of Saffron, fit my Madrasi Palate perfectly. I’m sure they have tweaked it for local taste but who cares when it’s this awesome. The Biryani comes with Baingan Khatta, Raita and Phirni.

Mutton Rista had little Cardamom overdose for my liking other than that I had no qualms. But, the Mutton Yakhni and Rogan Josh were too good. Would be very difficult to choose any one. Do not miss their Kahwa

. I got some complimentary Steamed White Rice.

Totally paid around ₹2000.

Instagram page link of Abid’s Kitchenette:https://instagram.com/abids_kitchenette?igshid=1de3txgnfbnqf


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