Tumeric Tangerine, Anna Nagar: (Pick up only)


As the industry is going through a paradigm shift, one can see a lot of Home Chefs venturing into the Market. As much as the Restaurant Industry is trying to bounce back on one side, there are also a lot of offerings on the other side in the form of Home Chefs/Home Bakers. Ordering from Home Kitchens fills a certain void in my life.

The point that is most important here – be it from any kitchen – is “FOOD”. As long as one gets served safe, hygienic and at the same time some amazing food, there’s nothing to complain about. So, what caught my eye first with “Turmeric Tangerine” is their name and second would be their Menu which is designed around Kongu region.

Harsha Vardhini, the face behind Turmeric Tangerine is a passionate home chef. And, I can now vouch for it after having tasted her food. She has been making Artisinal Condiments. And, that’s how I ended up visiting her Instagram page. The Menu is limited, you can order any dish from the Menu. Me being me, ordered everything in the Menu, which was a GOOD meal for two.

alani’s Kozhi Rasam (₹219) was a perfect start to the meal with it’s Meat-y and well balanced broth. Nei Arisi Sadham (₹195) Aka Ghee Rice had all the richness from Ghee and paired well with Pepper-y tasting Salem Kari Kolambu (₹365). Kari Muttai (₹175) was Minced Mutton Stuffed inside Egg Omelette (in Paniyaram Shape). Pallipalayam Kozhi Varuval (₹269) was well made.

Kambu Thayir Sadham (₹145) was excellent and so was the Gulkand Payasam (₹195). Both were Top-notch!

Packaging was perfect with nil spillage. I liked the thought of including Vazhai Illais and Beedas along with the order. Payment is through Online. Takeaway or pickup through online delivery aggregators.

The days when her food is available for takeaway or pickup is announced on her Instagram page. I connected with them through Instagram.

So, here’s the link to their Instagram page:https://instagram.com/turmerictangerine?igshid=hnqeg1h7pggs


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