True Glace, Mahalingapuram (Takeaway or Delivery only):


I’m almost (more than) a year late in posting about “True Glace”. I came to know about them through a dear friend who shared the goodies that she bought from them to me. It was instant love. I’ve been meaning to try them but honestly before Covid who bothered about deliveries and takeaways. But now, it’s a way of life.

Someone had DMed me asking about any place that sells takeaway Ice Creams is what made me ponder about such home made Ice Cream options. That’s when True Glace clicked to me. The owner of True Glace has been treating her customers to home made Ice Creams for years, now. It’s so nice to see how thoughtfully and nicely she packs them. For example, her Jackfruit Ice Cream comes topped with bits of Jackfruit on it. Taste wise, Top-Notch. Ice Cream is priced at ₹70/cup.

Not just Ice Cream, Rekha Jai, the owner is an ace in Pastries, too. She used to run a full menu but now due to restrictions, the menu is limited. So, I made sure I checked with what’s available and placed my order. The Cupcakes (₹45/Cupcake) were heavenly. Not too sweet not too bland, just the way I like it. I really like the fact that she likes to give variety in her offerings.

Placed my order for her Chicken Samosas (₹45/pc), too. The whiff of Ajwain (Carom seeds) as soon as I opened the parcel made me love them immediately. Anyone who adds Ajwain to their Samosa dough has my deep respect. Filling was perfect. Loved it, totally.

Contact number: +919840286654Website: www.trueglace.comInstagram Page:


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