Tanjavur Military Hotel Aka Kattayan Mess, Parrys:


As I was pondering over how even big names in the industry with deep pockets are finding it difficult (It’s but obvious that no help has been extended to the industry through any policies which the Government is obliged to do) it also made me wonder what small establishments are doing. First name that obviously came to my mind is the 108+ year old establishment “Kattayan Mess”.

I got in touch with the owner, whose number I happen to have in my contacts. If they know how to survive for 100 and odd years obviously they know to survive the Pandemic also. The owner sounded enthusiastic and told me about a WhatsApp group he has created with his regular customers. He posts tempting videos and pictures in that as and when a dish is prepared in this kitchen. They operate from 8AM to 8PM. Takeaways only.

One fine morning, I gathered all my courage and landed in Parrys to do my takeaway. Inspite of my pre-booking as well as calling before starting from home, there was a waiting time of almost 45 minutes. Could see that his loyals were waiting for their containers to get filled with their order. For a place which has always been more of takeaways and less Dine-ins, packing was perfect.

Mutton Pulav (₹200) was exactly how I remembered it. This time too it didn’t convince me to become it’s loyal. But Kari Dosai (₹150) which is my sole reason to love Kattayan Mess so much didn’t disappoint me a bit and it was even better than my last encounter with it. Prawns Fry (₹120) were pretty good. It turned out that Naatu Kozhi (₹150) was worth waiting for.

Contact number: +919840473696

Google link: https://g.co/kgs/Tkzy3b


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