I’m guilty of being unfair to Princee, the founder of Sift ‘N Spoon. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve ordered from her. She’s helped me so manyyyyy times with last minute (only one day in hand) cake deliveries. Never have I faced any complaints. No, I’m not exaggerating here. Never has there been a confusion in delivery nor has there been a complaint about quality,taste, packaging from anyone that I’ve sent a cake or whenever I’ve ordered. I’m guilty because I’ve not taken time out to write about her, much. When the lockdown eased and when Bakers were given permission to run their Business, Princee was the first person I reached out to because I was craving cup cakes. And, I’d also ordered cakes for a few friends during the lockdown phase, also. Every order was flawlessly made and promptly delivered through Dunzo or Task Hopper. And, then I even ordered cake for my Mom’s Birthday. It was PERFECTION!! We as a family are not high on cutting cakes or celebrations, but something prompted me to do it this year and of course I’m so used to Sift ‘N Spoon now that I didn’t think of any other option. Ordered 2 cakes one for my Mom and another one for another person (who is like a Mother figure to me) who shared Birthday with my Mom on the same day. Sift ‘N Spoon’s signature is the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake (₹1400) and a No-brainer when you want to order cake for someone else.Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Fruit Filling And White Chocolate Frosting (₹1450), was heaven in every mouthful. While you are enjoying the Silky smooth Vanilla and then suddenly the Strawberry hits you, it’s pure bliss. Delivery is always as per actuals and it came to ₹130. Prices of Brownies and Cupcakes on the images itself. Another image attached is that of a Customized Cake that was ordered in January for a very close friend’s 50th Birthday.Instagram Page of Sift ‘N Spoon is:https://instagram.com/siftnspoon?igshid=4691stv1umurContact Number: +918148197570


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