Da Bang Burger, Takeaway/Delivery only:


Kitchen operating from Nandanam

I remember very well that it was on the topic “Burgers” that Chef Mani (Vijaya Kumar Manikandan) and me got connected on some 3 years ago. From that time on, I’ve been closely watching his and Chef Navin’s creations from then on. Both of them operate together and run a consulting brand called “chefsm&n”. They are strong in visual presentation game. Of course, the food has always been equally good.

So, it is but obvious that their new brand “Da Bang” burgers caught my attention and I connected with them to get an glimpse of their menu. Got tempted to place my order immediately. Even though, the menu looked simple when you get down to ordering it sure confuses you because everything on the menu is so enticing.

Full marks goes to packing. I was skeptical about how the Burgers are going to be after the travel. But, there was no issues. After a discussion with Chef found out that it can be slightly heated (within 60 seconds in Microwave) in case it gets cold by the time I eat it.

With great difficulty, I zeroed in on Da Mushroomer (₹245) and Maryland Catch (₹245) to order and now I’m confused which one is the winner. Both are different in their own way, like Da Mushroomer had Grilled Chicken Patty with Onion Rings and Cheesy Mushrooms as a topping. Maryland Catch had Crispy Fried Chicken with Cajun Spices. Definitely, a tie there.

Stuffed Crumbed Mushrooms (₹180) were mind blowing in taste. Da Bang Signature Drumsticks (₹140/3 pcs) was excellent. The Jaipur “Pink” Sauce Pasta (₹295) vanished before I could even check it was Jaipuri Pink in colour.

Instagram Page: https://instagram.com/dabang_burger?igshid=1k2orpykxpm1y

Available on Swiggy/Zomato or Contact 9884598998


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