Sri Priya Mess, Karaikudi:


Pre-made plans don’t work out for me, usually. But, we 3 friends got lucky with this one. This plan was made 7 months before execution, as a friend was particular about revisiting this place, because of her amazing first time experience. By far, one of the best Non-Vegetarian meals that we’ve had. That’s the best way to describe our experience here.
Google might show up 2 Sri Priya Mess. We visited the Kallukatti one. Both, belong to the same family that has branched out. But, the Kallukatti one is the most sought after and rightfully so. With AC and Non-Ac sections for dining, ample parking, display of food items for you to choose, hospitable and friendly staffs – this place has got almost everything spot on going for it.

The Spread at Sri Priya Mess, Karaikudi
Sri Priya Mess, Karaikudi

Quiet literally, we ordered everything on the menu (except for Broiler Chicken Side Dish) that was available that day. Cooked in typical Chettinad Style, each dish carried distinct flavours. There was Zero overlap of similar flavours in any of the dishes which made this feast even more special.
Their Non-Vegetarian Meals is a steal for the money. Vegetarian accompaniments on the menu that day was Murungai (Drumstick) Pirattal and Sorrakkai (Bottle Gourd) Kootu which were equally good. The line of Gravies started with Kaadai (Quail) Gravy, followed by Nandu (Crab) Thokku, Chicken Chettinad Gravy, Mutton Gravy and Fish Gravy. I loved them all except for the Crab Thokku, which was less impressive. My companions liked it, though. They served a Elumbu (Bone) Rasam along with the Meals. We requested it to be given in a glass which was immediately obliged. The usual suspects Rasam, which was awesome and More (Buttermilk) also were served. 

Different Varieties Of Gravies – Part Of Meals
In Display – Nandu Thokku (Top Left), Kuzhambu Meen (Top Right), Thala Kari (Bottom Right), Broiler Chicken Curry (Bottom Left)
In Display – Prawn Thokku (Top Left), Naatu Kozhi (Top Right), Mutton Sukka (Bottom Right), Kaadai Gravy (Bottom Left)
Elumbu Rasam
More and Rasam

Full marks to all the sides that we ordered. I’m finding it extremely difficult to point a finger on one particular dish as my favorite. Our order included, Naatu Kozhi (Country Chicken) Fry, Fish Fry (Sheela Aka Thadiyan Fish), Mutton Chukka, Prawns Thokku, Kaadai (Quail) Fry, Nandu (Crab) Fry, Kuzhambu Meen (Fish piece from the Fish Gravy). Didn’t taste the Eeral (liver) and Thala (Head of the Goat) Kari. But, with what impression the other dishes created, I’m sure they were equally good.
Total bill was ₹1570 for the four of us demolishing 99% of the menu. 

Location and Address:Sri Priya MessKallukatti, Tamil Nadu 630001094431 33144


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