Natham Parotta Shop, Natham (Near Madurai)


Also known as Kaavanna Shop and Koorai Kadai

Your whole perspective about native food changes when you have tasted food from authentic sources (Down South). I have started understanding the cribbing of NRCs who have shifted to Chennai from elsewhere, after I have started travelling to other places (looking for food experience). It certainly widens your views and knowledge about how versatile our cuisine is. One such place is the Kaavanna/Natham Parotta/Koorai Kadai Shop.

Mutton Chukka

I’ve wanted to go back after my last year’s visit, just for their Mutton Chukka.
We’d called a day ahead to ensure that the eatery will be open. Reached around 8.30-9.00 AM when the place was bustling with action. A very limited menu with only 3 items. Very friendly owner and staffs.

Mutton Chukka

Clearly, I was their for their Mutton Chukka (₹60 for Small Cup/₹120 for Big Cup). Wasn’t disappointed even a bit. It tasted the same as I had been carrying in my memories. Small pieces of soft textured Mutton with a Pepper-y note… Uff. Ennai Brotta or Roti (₹15) as they call it was, Crispy and Flaky.

Poricha Brotta

Ennai Parotta as such isn’t on my preference list because it’s way too Crispy for my liking. But, after soaking it in their Salna, it be the best.
The flavorful short grained Kuska (₹30) was too good. The complimentary Dalcha was missing this time. It was replaced by their Salna which was good, too. The Pudina Chutney was awesome.
Totally paid ₹360.


Kaavanna Parotta Kadai(Koorai Kadai)Bazar St, Ward Number 11, Meenachipuram, Natham, Tamil Nadu 624401
094865 05080


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