Haja Biriyani, Chidambaram


Having hailed from a nearby town from Chidambaram, my family and I emotionally connect with this town. I’ve exhausted all big names from Chidambaram, in the past few years. Looking for a new option to lunch this time, I remembered this name (mentioned by someone in my older post of Kamala Vilas) and a friend from Chidambaram also gave a green to this place. Landed a little past 3 PM for lunch when Biryani was almost getting over.

Typical Mess in a house setup (I remember Kamala Vilas too had a similar setup). Prompt service and vera level upselling where they try to push you to get/try more and more items. But, for sure, in the next given chance I’m going to Haja again.

Mutton Biryani (₹175) was indeed very good. Long grained, aromatic, mild irritants with soft Mutton pieces can describe their Mutton Biryani. But, since there was only 3 portions left, I settled for their Non-Vegetarian Meals (₹80). And, I’m glad I chose to have it rather than fighting for a portion of Biryani. Their Meals was almost like as if it was tailor made for my preference. Non spicy, mild flavored gravies were the highlight of their meals. In love with their Mutton gravy, already.

Coming to the sides, Mutton Pepper (₹150) outdid all other sides. I’m floored by it, completely. Runner up would be their Eraa Thokku (₹135). Perfectly cooked soft textured Prawns in a tangy tomato masala was soooooo yummy. Drool!! Chicken 65 (₹70) was excellent. Vanjiram Meen Varuval (₹120) was good. No complaints! Eeral Fry (₹150) looked good but I didn’t taste it as I’m not a fan of such spare parts.

Total bill was ₹1845 for 6 of us including multiple orders of (most of the) dishes, soft drinks and bottled water bottles.

Address and location:
Haja Biriyani
Vellapirandhan St,
Near police station,
Tamil Nadu – 608001.
099408 62669


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