Black Orchid Restaurant, R.A. Puram


Casual dinner plan with a friend and we decided to check out this two days old place. A rule of thumb that I always try to follow – Go to any new place before the hype starts or when hype dies down. In this case, it’s the former rule that I applied.

The menu is diverse featuring Japanese, Indian, Italian etc. There’s a live Teppanyaki Section. As I write this, they still await their Bar license, so Bar isn’t functional, yet. Service is of fine dining standards. We sat near the Teppanyaki/Sushi Section and were watching all the Drama and interacting with Chef Akhil.

My friend had the Cini Stick Mojito (₹250) and since I didn’t want to have a cold drink I was served Apple Toddy (₹280) which was not part of their Menu. Loved my Warm Apple Cider drink which also had Star Anise and Rosemary. Kick started the food session with Prawns Nigiri (₹289). Perfect!

The 2 Vegetarian Sushis that we ordered were executed excellently. The Tofu and Avocado Maki (₹289) had the perfect crunch and the California Vegetable (₹289) was excellent. Among the starters, Spice Dusted Lotus Stem (₹349) was not upto the mark and the Provencal Crumb Mushroom (₹349) was Okayish. Enjoyed the Minced Chicken Kebab Skewers (₹389), thoroughly.

I settled for a dish from the Teppanyaki section for my Mains where as my friend settled for Fusilli With Basil Pesto & Fried Leeks (₹389). I chose the Sumiso Sauce to go along with Beef Tenderloin (₹689). And, as the Chef was preparing it he said Sumiso goes better with Fish rather than Beef. Teriyaki seemed to be the most popular. But, to be honest I enjoyed my Beef thoroughly with Sumiso more than the Teriyaki Sauce which the Chef was generous enough to prepare (a small portion) for me to taste and experience the difference. My gut feeling didn’t let me down, as always 😁.

The Kafir Lime (₹129) and Wasabi Ice Creams (₹129) were, too good. We were not charged for the Wasabi Ice Cream. Lemon Meringue Flan (₹289) was a total let down.

Paid ₹4075, totally.

Address and Location:
105, Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Rd, RA Puram, Austin Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
044 2434 3646


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