Abid’s, Chetpet


Do you remember that All-Rounder kid we all would have grown up with at school? The kid who would top the school in every department. Abid’s is like that. This place has never disappointed me. I go there wherever my wallet allows me to. In my personal opinion, Abid’s is one of the best places for Shawarma.

They serve Tandoori, Grill, Hyderabadi and Indo-Chinese and are most talked about for their Haleem during Ramadhan. Actually, they sell Haleem throughout the year. And, recently I noticed that their boards outside mentioned Mandi, Meter Kebab etc. They’ve also added Kerala and Mangalorean dishes. Now, I think you all can very well relate to my “All-Rounder” comparison.

Haleem (₹220) is certainly one of the top dishes here. We relished it, this time, too. Most of the items or at least the Mandi dishes that we wanted to order was not available. So, we settled with the ones that were available. A soup and a salad plate was served as part of our Mandi order. Soup was the ignorable kinds. Mutton Mandi (₹740 for a medium plate) had fall-off-the-bone and melt-in-your-mouth kind of Slow Cooked Meat. The Aromatic Rice was very good. But, for the spicy rice eating majority I’m not sure if this will go down well. The Spicy tomato sauce accompaniment (Shatta) might spruce up things for them. The only difference that the Dajaj Mathbi (₹490) carried as against the Mandi was that the meat (In this case Chicken) was Slow Grilled.

Khubani ka Meetha with Fresh Cream (₹160) was not at it’s usual self. It was mediocre this time. So, was the Kunafa (190). Shouldn’t have ordered both.

Total bill was ₹2310 including one more Kunafa, 2 Nos Drinks and 2 Nos bottled water.

Address and Location:

Shop No 21, Spur Tank road, Near Grand Sweets, Sulaiman Zackria Avenue, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031
098412 84703


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