Kebapci, Nungambakkam:


I saw the name board first, while around the KNK area. Next, the name was mentioned to me by a friend for Mandi rice recommendation. So, it was a spontaneous decision one day to drop into this place. Small place, good ambience. Has a few seaters in the ground floor and a Majlis seating for larger group (6-7 people) in the Mezzanine area. The menu is varied and nice.

Since, the purpose of the visit was to try their Mandi, I went ahead and ordered Lamb Mandi Rice (₹269), which was announced as not available after the Rice and Accompaniments were served already. With no other choice but to retain the order settled for Hind Sheek with the Mandi Rice. No complaints on the Mandi Rice part, though.

The main inspiration for writing about this place has to be the Hummus in their Chicken Hummus(₹245). I was totally mesmerized but the taste of it. Cihan Beef Kebab (₹249) with it’s cheese stuffing was great in taste and quantity. Adana Kebab (₹169) was pretty decent. Ordering their desserts Lokmaya (₹179) and Cevizili Turta (₹189) was a big mistake.

Totally paid ₹1365 along with bottled water, which we had to buy as they don’t serve regular water.

Address and location:

Kebapci- Kebab ka baap!
No.10,Shyam Garden, Khader Nawaz Khan Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006
074485 42777


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