Guru Mess, Adyar:


So, it was during a casual talk when Guru Mess was first mentioned to me by one of my close acquaintance. And, the mention about Pazhaya Soru being served here was when I decided I’ll check this place out. Located bang in the centre of the TNHB complex at Adyar, this is a pretty decent place, ambience wise. Eventhough the service was very patchy, this place seems to be a good option for South Indian Meals when you are in and around this area.

Obviously, ordered the Pazhaya Soru (₹124) that came in a Pot loaded with Shallots (Chinna Vengayam) and bits of Chillies. It was served with Karuvattu (Dry Fish) Kuzhambu and Nethili Karuvattu Thokku. I’m not a great fan of Pungent flavours so I might not be the right person to judge this dish. But, I enjoyed it with the Thokku more than the Kuzhambu. Only gripe, that the serving pot could have been wide mouthed or maybe they could have served in a bowl.

A complimentary Mutton Soup was served which was pretty decent. My lunch partner chose to have the Nattu Kozhi (Country Chicken) Saapadu (₹324) which comes with a portion of Naatu Kozhi Fry. Along with the usual suspects in a meal, they serve 3 types of Thokku – Prawns, Chicken and Dry Fish. I loved the Chicken Thokku. The two starters cum sides that we ordered Kola Urundai (₹176 for 4 pcs) and Vetrilai Kozhi Varuval (₹234) were quiet okayish. Nothing much to write about.

Totally paid ₹993 along with bottle of water and a fresh juice.

Address and Location:
Guru Mess
TNHB COMPLEX, No 10, LB Rd, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
044 2440 4545


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