Paati Kadai, Pondicherry


In recent times, whenever I’ve travelled to Pondy I’ve tried looking for this place. After almost 5-6 failed attempts, this time I noticed that the maps for this location has been updated in Google. Landed up promptly around 3 PM, only to be told by the neighbor shops that Paati starts her operations after 6 PM.

She’s quiet popular around this area of M.G. Road and infact the Children travelling in School Buses wave at her and wish her cheerfully while passing her shop. She’s been running the shop for the past 43 years, she says. She’s popularly known as Paati/Aaya but I was keen in knowing her name and it is “Rajam”.

Coming to the main reason of my visit, the (Non-Vegetarian) Bajjis were absolutely delicious. I loved the Prawn Bajji (₹20/pc). There were 2 Medium Sized Prawns in one Bajji. Depending on the size of the Prawns, the Paati makes Bajji out of 2 or 3 prawns, she said. Paarai Fish (₹50/pc) was the Fish of the Day in that day’s Bajji, when I visited. I wasn’t very impressed with the Chicken Bajji (₹25), though. The Muttai (Egg) Bajji that was priced at ₹5/each seemed to be a hot seller, here.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be my regular adda during all my Pondy visits as this place takes care of my Bajji necessities very well. One con, could be that the takeaway is packed in Newspaper which I totally abhor. Recommend taking your own utensil/vessel in case you are planning to do takeaway from here.

Address and location:
496, Mahatma Gandhi Road, M.G. Road, near to Murali Xerox, Chinnakadai, MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001


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